trauma & the therapeutic tremor

At the forefront of science we are discovering new tools and techniques to resolve anxiety, depression, cPTSD

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The Neural Reset program is at the cutting edge of trauma resolution on the  tissue level, with vagal tone strengthening, and the capacity to embody positive results.  Neural Fuzion utilizes a combination of Trauma Release Exercises featuring the therapeutic tremor, and The Neural Reset delivering a full spectrum approach to trauma therapy.

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Changes include: decreases in anxiety, emotional reactivity, physical pain and hypervigilance, as well as increased resilience to stress. This program is tailored specifically for trauma victims such as those suffering with PTSD, and who live and work in high stress environments.  The Tools and Techniques offered in the Tools for Integration are at the core of restoring functional health.

Efficient & Effective 

The therapeutic tremor is capable of releasing deeply held stress and trauma held in our tissue.  Our strategies and techniques come from alignment within holistic healing modalities and stringent consideration of leading  scientific studies.  By combining trauma release – vagal tone strengthening – and tools for integration,  Neural Fuzion offers a dynamic approach to trauma release.

The Therapeutic Tremor

  • Once learned, the Therapeutic Tremor can be practiced in any setting to release stress, or tension.  Whether from the stress that accumulates in everyday life, or from prolonged stressful situations, and especially from traumatic life experiences (such as natural disasters, violence or even surgery) this shaking supports recovery deep in our body by restoring proper function to the nervous system which can lead to a return toward optimal health.

Trauma Release 


Sandra is passionate and very knowledgeable about addiction recovery, integration, stress reduction and pain reduction. I loved learning about TRE from her.  It’s a great way to heal the nervous system.  I highly recommend her services!

– Ana Holub

neural fuzion

Leaders in the field of mental health are teaching us that ‘talking about it’ may not be the most effective means of releasing our trauma. We now understand that trauma can be held in the body. There are things we can DO in order to release trauma, physically.  It is this release of trauma from our body which offers the possibility of greater well-being.

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