Neural Reset©

A practical and responsive framework for reducing stress and increasing resilience to create and positive change in individuals, organizations, and communities.

These tools teach you how to recognize your own stress and relaxation cycles. You will learn to understand when your stress is helping or harming you. You will learn how to choose from an array of quick, effective stress-reduction tools.  Build your new skills into deep, lasting habits that effect powerful transformation over time.  

Increase your capacity to meet and recover from life’s challenges with Neural Reset®.  Presented in a trauma-informed framework, these tools help you to identify your symptoms of stress and empower you to respond effectively so you can feel more calm and resilient.

After completingNeural Reset®, you can practice it independently at your convenience. This includes a 21 day framework with 3 weekly online sessions and an eWorkbook with daily supportive exercises to complete on your own. Email and text support are also offered. Both private and group classes are offered, depending on your needs.


Surgery causes massive wounding to the skin, fascia, and organs targeted, despite the conditions leading up to surgery. The healing process can be complex with so many tissues disrupted, post-surgery limitations on movement, as well as side effects of some surgery associated drugs (painkillers and antibiotics), which can cause fatigue and disruption of the microbiome. To further assist you in your recovery, Neural physical core development can provide vital tools to enhance your post-surgical recovery.

The rate at which we recover from physical challenges can be determined by various factors. There are times when we may be more resilient and bounce right back from stresses. While other times our recovery can be so slow, our healing can linger on and we can even hit an unacceptable plateau.


Athletic Performance can be enhanced by shortening the recovery period after each workout, recruiting all of the systems (muscular, neural, fascial, cognitive, etc. to function more completely and synchronously during activity and by having greater intention and attention during athletic performance we can make a difference in the level of success achieved.

Neural Core Development helps to restore function from the core outward through the nervous system.  Reach your health goals more easily by insuring neuro physiological integration.  Increase the sensitivity of joint sensory receptors to avoid impaired feedback. This brings more effective results when you work on core strength and stabilization and support recovery.

Every situation is unique, so we tailor everything to your specifics needs, and goals.   Fuze your systems back together; restoring function on the neural physiological level from the core outward, which can be taught online in the comfort of your own home! Click below to schedule your 15 min consultation, and find out how Neural Fuzion can help you break through.

Now Offering Individual and Group Sessions!

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3 private sessions held on-line weekly
60-90 minutes each


3 group sessions held on-line weekly
3-4 hours total

Customized workshops, corporate, non-profit and other organizations available upon request.
For more information email: or call  831.600.6844 for a free 10 minute consultation.


neural physical core 

Neural Fuzion offers an integral and dynamic approach to prevention, and rehabilitation of physical challenges including Chronic Pain, surgical procedures and athletic performance, and more.   

We specialize in physical performance solutions to enhance your recovery, through Neural Physiological Core Fuzion, offering a practical and responsive framework for reducing stress and increasing resilience to create and positive change in individuals, organizations, and communities.  Fuzing the link between embodied cognition, and releasing trauma stored in the body, Neural Fuzion is the cutting edge of transformational healing and recovery.


Chronic pain can cause massive disruptions in daily life, productivity, and general enjoyment. This type of pain affects people from all walks of life in a range of severity, from minor back and joint aches to major symptoms of CRPS.

Chronic pain can be extremely difficult to treat and can become increasingly hard to manage, as our emotional resilience to this pain fatigues and our ability to self-regulate dwindles. With Neural Fuzion, tools for neural physical core development can not only address the emotional and mental fatigue associated with chronic pain, but the root of the problem with physical awareness and healing.

Chronic pain whether in the body or that is due to nervous system issues can be addressed through an array of techniques tailored to your situation.  Our methods support the body in rising above previously unobtainable levels of physical recovery by addressing our neural physiological core connection. This can allow for greater relief from chronic pain, the prevention of injuries, and developing greater levels of strength, range of motion, and flexibility.


This can allow / benefits of Neural Physical Core Fuzion include:

  1. relief from chronic pain,
  2. the prevention of injuries,
  3. developing greater levels of strength, range of motion and flexibility.