physical recovery with neural fuzion

A unified neuro-biological approach to physical recovery utilizing a dynamic combination of trauma release, neurogenic core, and vagal tone development.

neurogenic core development

Neural Fuzion offers an integral and dynamic approach to prevention, and rehabilitation of physical challenges including chronic pain, surgical procedures and athletic performance, and more.   

We specialize in physical performance solutions to enhance your recovery, through Neural Physiological Core Fuzion; Offering a practical and responsive framework for reducing stress and increasing resilience to create positive change.  Fuzing the link between embodied cognition, and releasing trauma stored in the body, Neural Fuzion is the cutting edge of transformational healing and recovery.

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Neural Fuzion is a Catalyst to the next level; find out how to break through a physical recovery plateau with ease.   

The results Neural Fuzion clients are sharing blow us away daily.  Learn the tools to take control of your healing process, and effective techniques you can do to make real change.

chronic pain & inflamation

Chronic pain can cause massive disruptions in daily life, productivity, and general enjoyment.  This type of pain affects people from all walks of life in a range of severity, from minor back and joint aches to major symptoms of CRPS.

athletic enhancement

Athletic Performance can be enhanced by shortening the recovery period after each workout.  By recruiting all of the systems (muscular, neural, fascial, cognitive, etc) to function more completely, and synchronously during activity, and by having greater intention and attention during athletic performance, we can make a huge difference in the level of success achieved.

neuro physiological integration

Neuro Physiological integration starts with Core Development and restoration of functional health beginning at the core of the nervous system.  Reach your health goals more easily by insuring neuro physiological integration.     This brings more effective results when you work on core strength, stabilization and recovery support.

Neural fuzion


I believe not only that trauma is curable, but that the healing process can be a catalyst for profound awakening.

      – Peter A. Levine, PhD

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