Neural Reset is an unparalleled framework for reducing stress and increasing resilience, to physically promote well being from within.  These tools teach you how to recognize your own stress and relaxation cycles.

tools and techniques

Neural Reset will enable you to choose from an array of quick, effective stress-reduction tools in order to understand when your stress is helping or harming you.  Build your new skills into deep, lasting habits that affect powerful transformation.

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Having a clear intention and making conscious choices toward specific goals can result in more thorough integration. This need for integration can actually be brought on by feelings of disintegration.  Neural Fuzion is here for this very reason. We offer evidence based strategies to support your process.  

integration begins with preparation

Preparation is key. Neural Fuzion’s multifaceted approach begins by building a firm foundation.  We then provide tools to help keep you present and on task to maintain this new sense of wholeness to your life. Whether you are integrating a new challenge, a new diagnosis or a new psychedelic experience, Neural Fuzion is here to support you in having a graceful process of transformation.

our integral heritage

Integration is a cultural phenomenon, dating back to ancient tribal ceremonies. Historically, the tribal leader consults with each person regarding their intentions and desires prior to a ceremony, then focuses his intention on their needs during the ceremony.  

integration & entheogens

Psychonauts all around the world are traveling to participate in plant medicine ceremonies as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. They seek holistic approaches to resolve mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical conditions.  Neural Reset provides the resources to stay present and get the most from your experience. We specialize in tailoring our program to your specific needs, and goals.


Integration involves three phases; pre-ceremony work, presence during ceremony and of course, post-ceremony work. We are here to help you harness the healer within. The medicine can only do its part, to help us do ours.  Our focus at Neural Fuzion is retention, and how to fully integrate our experience.

embodying your highest potential

Neural Fuzion offers one-to-one coaching support which can help you integrate and cultivate lasting change within yourself.  We offer a unified, and dynamic approach to Integration giving you the tools you need to get the most from your journey.  Pain and suffering of any kind signals an opportunity for change; thus, the process of healing is not merely about eliminating the suffering, but personal transformation, and embodying your highest potential.

Happy Students


The Neural Reset classes taught and shared with me have been a game changer in my path to healing. These tools and practice are worth their weight in gold. Be bold, be brave, you are worth it

- JM

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