Neural Fuzion began in 2015.  Founded by Sandra Larsen, Neural Fuzion is the pinnacle of many years, and several healing modalities fuzed to perfection.  The fuzion of our neural physical core is at the cutting edge of science today, and the dynamic role trauma plays in all aspects of our lives.  We strive to always be at forefront of the most innovative, and effective techniques of transformational wellness.  From the ground up Neural Fuzion has been a soul love, and work of art culminated by Sandra’s dedication to the healing arts. 

Somatic Stress & Psychedelic Integration Specialist

Sandra’s education in the healing arts began in 1987.   Her comprehensive understanding of the healing process includes certifications in various forms of somatic therapies such as massage, Pilates, Gyrotonic, TRE®, Personal Trainer for Sports Medicine, Acupressure, Nutrition and (formally) Horticulture.  She has studied the works of leaders such as Peter Levine, Joseph Pilates, David Berceli, Nkem Ndefo, and Stephen Porges.

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